The Workshops on presentation content and delivery will be run by communication professionals who have kindly donated their time to Hermes 2014...

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Adelina Chalmers

Adelina Chalmers is an award winning professional speaker and CEO of Presenting Good Practice. She trains people how to present their research to secure further funding, how to present academic papers and how to pitch for investment for their start-up.

She is a guest lecturer on pitching and negotiation skills at a number of universities and business schools including Cambridge Judge Business School and London Metropolitan University. She has extensive experience of public speaking, having presented at numerous international conferences, including the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Academic Conference in Vienna 2010, the ERLAI (European Regional and Local Authorities on Asylum and Immigration) Conference in Brussels in 2011 and +RESPECT International Conference in Rome in 2011. She has also won numerous speech competitions applying the recipes for speeches she created, including the East of England Impromptu Speech Competition in October 2012 at Toastmasters International. She holds a Diploma in Public Services Interpreting (DPSI) in English Law and speaks five languages fluently: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. 



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Piero Vitelli

Piero is a consultant working to help people develop areas of their effectiveness in the personal, interpersonal and team settings. Recent projects delivered have included a year-long change programme workshop for a leading insurance company, communication skills workshops for a regional development agency, interpersonal skills workshops for an educational charitable organization, facilitating assessment centres for a university recruitment programme and his continued work at over twenty universities in the UK and continental Europe, where he provides workshops and seminars at undergraduate, postgraduate and post doctoral levels.



CC Image: Nano-bowls (Argonne National Lab)